The BLK-Series – ultra-compact and flexible

Optimum sound and plenty of power do not necessarily have to take up a lot of space. Thanks to class-D technology, the mini-amplifiers of the BLK series really do deliver plenty of power and are true all-rounders. With a footprint of only 10 x 17 cm, i.e. less than half an A4 sheet of paper and a height of 3.6 cm, they are so compact that there is room for them just about anywhere. Thanks to Multi-Connectivity, they can handle signals from high and low-level outputs, enabling them to be connected to preamp outputs of high-end car radios, as well as to the speaker outputs of built-in radios. So regardless of whether the aim is to provide a modern head unit with more power or you simply want to improve the factory system in acoustic terms, the BLK series can do it.

BLK 1000

Powerful mono output stage for the bass range

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BLK 4000

Compact four-channel power amp with high output power

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