Flat Sub 25

Flat Sub 25 – Bass power in briefcase format

No space, no bass? Doesn’t have to be the case - because, with the Flat Sub 25, we have created an active bass talent especially for confined spaces. Measuring just 35 x 26 cm and less than 8 cm thick, the Flat Sub fits under a seat or in the smallest car boot in many cases.

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BLK 25

BLK 25 – Bass talent with power reserves

Perfect bass is needed to round off music completely - this also particularly true in the car. The BLK 25 delivers precisely that dose of low-frequency vibration, with its 25 cm woofer in a sturdy bass reflex cabinet capable of reproducing frequencies as low as 23 Hz.

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Überkraft 3800

Bass-reflex self-contained subwoofer

Whether size matters is something we definitely don´t want to discuss here. The fact that performance matters is something we do know!

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Edition BS 30

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Pro Charger 130

Bandpass-type subwoofer enclosure

The Pro Charger 130 bandpass subwoofer accommodates a 30 cm high-performance driver with tremendous depth and full power. The stable acrylic glass pane clearly shows off the attractive design that the LED-illuminated subwoofer chassis features. The non-slip cover has been embroidered.

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Mac Mobil Street Sub 108A

Compact active bass reflex subwoofer with high power output

Compact dimensions, concentrated power. The active Sub 108A from the Mac Mobil Street series impresses with 200 watts of maximum power output and high-quality components.

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