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BLK 1000

Powerful mono output stage for the bass range

Powerful mono output stage for the bass range

The perfect complement to the BLK 4000 four-channel model is the BLK 1000 which, with a peak or continuous output of 360/180 watts at 4 ohms (600/300 watts at 2 ohms), provides more than sufficient power reserves for any type of subwoofer. The variable Bass Boost at 45 Hz makes it possible to increase the bass range by up to 12 dB. The BLK 1000 is also capable of multi-connectivity, and can be used as a specialized subwoofer power amp on the BLK 4000´s low-level output, as well as on factory-installed radio speaker outputs when it’s simply a mater of boosting the power of the bass range in combination with a subwoofer.

Technical specifications