BLK amplifier series

The BLK-Series – ultra-compact and flexible

Optimum sound and plenty of power do not necessarily have to take up a lot of space. Thanks to class-D technology, the mini-amplifiers of the BLK series really do deliver plenty of power and are true all-rounders.

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Mac Audio – THE NEW LOUD! Loud! Modern! Striking! Mac Audio products turn hi-fi into an experiences. Whether at home in the living room and party room or on the road in the car – we accompany you with the most modern and innovative components for absolute power sound!

Car hi-fi has been our passion for 35 years and forms the basis of the fervour, obsession, huge knowledge and unbridled zest of our Mac Audio engineers, repeatedly facilitating new stages of development and sometimes revolutionary levels of top sound in your car! We now also apply this basis to other areas and components. Party audio with high-quality compact systems or mobile sound gadgets for people on the move: Loud. Powerful. Dynamic. Stylish. - Attributes that make Mac Audio stand out!

Our competitors do, of course, also lay claim to generating powerful, crisp sound with their components. But most of these statements only apply to users who suffer from earache at low volumes. Mac Audio is different. Louder. More honest. More direct. Those who want more listen with Mac Audio! We also attach great importance to the reliability of our products. Our engineers check every product right dow to the smallest detail. Only in this way can we guarantee the extremely high load capacity and stability of our products. No matter how long the party lasts - no matter how high the level rises!

From the Maximus 300 and Aliante Black Limited subwoofer, which reach right down into the subsonic ranges with brute force and boundless power, to legendary component systems like the CFX 2.16 as well as the MMC 700 Power compact system, Mac Audio provides plenty of power, performance and the latest technologies.

But what is that makes Mac Audio so successful? The sum of the first-class ingredients! A feel for the market, the best possible modules and the utmost care in terms of workmanship and finishing are the ideal prerequisites for the successful, innovative and exceptional products we stand for. This also includes, of course, the entire car audio segment from the amplifier to loudspeakers and flexible multimedia receivers. And we are now also putting our huge wealth of experience into party systems and mobile audio components.

So it´s no wonder that we are extending our recipe for success to other areas. After all, perfect sound is something that is not only for the car. High-performance compact systems pave the way for entering into more secretive realms. It goes without saying that we are implementing the home audio transfer with our same high focus on providing innovative and performance-oriented products that go far beyond the performance and efficiency offered by the competition. For us, it is only natural that we that we also top the competition in terms of price-performance ratio.

Nothing is too much trouble for the Mac Audio product managers in oder to ensure the highest standards at all times. Constant material stress-testing and laser finishing technologies ensure a consistently excellent product standard. It´s clear that our responsibility and not end at this point. Perfect, constantly accessible customer service is an essential part of our philosophy.

The deepest bass, perfect mid-tone and clear treble ranges. Those who want more than just listening to music for the next 35 years should reach for Mac Audio.