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ZXS 4500

Powerful 4-channel amplifier

With maximum power reserves, stable and high quality signal transmission, flexibility and reliability, the ZXS 4500 is the flagship 4-channel amplifier in the ZXS series.

Powerful 4-channel amplifier

Mac Audio ups the ante again with its ZXS 4500 and provides the 4-channel amplifier, which is stable at 2 ohms, with ample power reserves and a maximum output of 200 watts per channel. The RCA jacks, power terminals and speaker terminals on the ZXS 4500 are completely gold-plated to ensure perfect signal transmission. The ZXS 4500 naturally also features an effective 3-way protective circuit, a channel mode selector switch (2/4 CH) and convenient bridging/tri-mode functionality. The solid aluminium heatsink, which features a black hairline design and illuminated ZXS logo, ensures optimum dissipation of the generated heat.

Technical specifications