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MPExclusive 2.0 XL

Two-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

The MPExclusive 2.0 XL model delivers a maximum output power of 225 watts to two channels and impresses with its rich and emphatic sound.

Two-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

Just like the XL version of the four-channel amplifier, the MPExclusive 2.0 XL also trumps the standard model by 45 watts for two channel operation as well and offers maximum output power of 2 x 225 watts. The amplifier remains stable at two ohms and is also equipped with a protective circuit, which prevents short circuits, DC offsets and overheating. Variable low-pass, high-pass and bass boost settings along with bridging/tri-mode functionality and a mono/stereo switch all help to ensure flexibility.

Technical specifications