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Micro XL 4000

Compact 4-channel amplifier

The 2 ohm stable Micro XL 4000 4-channel amplifier generates a sound pattern that is not only very powerful, but also dynamic and extremely vivid.

Compact 4-channel amplifier

The 4-channel amplifier in the Micro XL series is stable at 2 ohms and generates a powerful and dynamically vivid sound experience with Toshiba audio power transistors. The amplifier is extremely flexible thanks to its low-level outputs, which offer sum signals from channel 1 to 4 for connecting a subwoofer amplifier, as well as its full-feature XO and its CLONE circuit, which routes the audio signal from channel 3/4 to channel 1/2 with identical filter and level settings. The PCB, which is coated with copper on both sides, and the solid aluminium heatsink guarantee optimum heat dissipation, while a protective circuit prevents short circuits, DC-offsets and overheating.

Technical specifications