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Ice Cube 108 A Black Series

Active bandpass enclosure subwoofer

The Ice Cube 108A is extremely compelling with its powerful amplifier module, 20 cm subwoofer chassis and sturdy MDF housing with Plexiglas window and white LED illumination.

Active bandpass enclosure subwoofer

The Ice Cube 108 A may be the compact active subwoofer in the series, but it is still capable of delivering an extremely crisp and powerful sound. This bandpass sub also features an amplifier module with a maximum output of 400 watts and a full-feature crossover, which, in combination with a 20 cm chassis, high performance magnet and 4-layer voice coil, ensures powerful, deep-ranging acoustics. The cube-shaped MDF housing with its large Plexiglas window is extremely appealing, as is the non-slip fabric cover and embossed HD logo.

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