High-end amplifier with DSP signal processor

Success with DSP flexibility

The integrated DSP audio signal processor offers a variety of flexible DSP features which can be easily configured using the display remote control or even by PC. This includes a graphic equalizer which with 31 bands is enormously extensive, in addition variable high/low passes with 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB response slope per octave and time delay correction. The DSP signal processor even offers two additional stereo outputs to connect more amplifiers.

Maximum performance using top components

From power supply to power amplifier the Reference 2.1 DSP amplifier is equipped with materials and components of the highest quality. With twin power supply and high-power low impedance electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, a safe and continuous power supply is guaranteed. High-quality polypropylene capacitors ensure a distortion-free connection to the power amplifiers. This also includes Sanken power transistors for optimum performance.

No compromises

The Reference 2.1 DSP also makes no compromises regarding safety and optical appearance. The high-performance aluminum heat sinks which ensure optical style with the LED illuminated Mac Audio logo badge, simultaneously guarantees optimum dissipation of the heat developing. Also so that absolutely nothing can go wrong, there is a protective circuit against short circuiting, direct current offset and excessive temperature in the device. Both touch and sight benefit from the encapsulated potentiometers with a metal axis as well as the encapsulated and gold-plated power and loudspeaker terminals.

Reference 2.1 DSP

2-channel high-end amplifier with DSP processor

Extreme power reserves and an extensive DSP audio signal processor make the 2-channel amplifier Reference 2.1 DSP into a high-end powerhouse.

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