The flexible loudspeaker series for all needs

Careful component selection for top-class efficiency

Magnat´s engineers use select components and materials in order to ensure that optimum levels of efficiency are achieved. The woofer works with a multi-pressed and coated paper cone. This results in a sufficiently lightweight while simultaneously quite stiff cone that tends towards hardly any partial vibrations. A lightweight surround rounds off the overall concept. A similar route has been taken for the tweeter where a titanium-coated polycarbonate cone has been used.

Optimised with the recognised good Klippel measurement system

Accuracy and precision are extremely important in the construction of Magnat´s sound transducers, that´s why meticulous work is obligatory for us. Magnat´s engineers check and optimise both the loudspeakers´ centring and magnetic fields with the Klippel measurement system. The laser-aided Klippel technology simulates the sound of genuine music and speech – in contrast to conventional measuring methods which only use low-level signals – and thus delivers expressive results.

deal adaptation to demands in cars

The parameters for the Edition series of loudspeakers have been perfectly optimised for installation in doors and parcel shelves and so deliver the best possible acoustic performances in cars. A robust cover with aluminium hairline finish not only looks good but also protects the cone surface from accidental contact. The tweeters included with both the Edition´s component systems are supplied with a mounted housing.

Edition 162

2-way coaxial system, Klippel-optimised

The Edition 162 is the "top of the line" where two-way coaxial systems in the Edition series are concerned. The Klippel-optimised sound converter delivers voluminous and powerful sound and is perfect for installation in doors and parcel shelves.

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Edition 213

2-way component system, Klippel-optimised

As the smaller of the two two-way component systems in the EditioThe Edition 213 two-way component system has been equipped with a 130 mm woofer and is also housed behind the robust loudspeaker grille with aluminium hairline finish. Thanks to the multi-pressed paper cone and light foam surround, the Edition 213 features enormously high levels of efficiency.

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