High power amplifiers, flexible and safe to operate

Maximum performance - "MP"Exclusive

The completed MPExclusive range has been approved for stable operation at an impedance of two ohms and offers enormous power reserves. Thanks to carefully selected components and a solid construciton, this ensures the stability of devices under these high load capacities. An effective protective circuit is integrated in order to ensure the amplifier is not damaged in extreme cases. This circuit prevents short circuits, DC offsets and overheating in a reliable manner. The two LEDs in place ensure you are always informed of the storage status of the MPExclusive amplifier.

Flexibility throughout

Flexible adjustment options are integrated into all models within the product range in order to ensure MPExclusive reach their full performance. The four and two-channel amplifiers offer variable low-pass and high-pass settings along with bass boost from 0 to 12 dB at 45 Hz. A channel mode switch and/or mono/stereo switch is also provided in order to switch between 4/3/2 and 2/1-channel operation and bridging/tri-mode operation. The one-channel also offers a variable subsonic filter between 10 and 40 Hz in addition to the bass boost and variable low-pass. A remote control for conveniently adjusting the volume is included for these models.

Chic and functional

The great-looking polished aluminium enclosure not only creates an exclusive and high-quality appearance; the ambient air also provides sufficient space for the ideal dissipation of heat generated. The engraved Mac Audio logo reveals the origin of the high-performance amplifier.

MPExclusive 2.0

Two-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

The MPExclusive 2.0 draws a cool maximum output power of 180 watts. The mono/stereo switch allows you to conveniently swap between one-channel and two-channel operation.

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MPExclusive 4.0

Four-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

The MPExclusive 4.0 delivers 180 watts of maximum power output to four channels at two ohms in a stable manner, providing excellent flexibility during everyday operation.

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