Powerful amplifier with MOSFET power supply

The Edition S range includes a total of 5 models providing 1-channel to 4-channel solutions for all requirement profiles. All models are equipped with high-quality internal electronics, based on SMD technology, and an absolutely reliable MOSFET power supply in order to guarantee excellent operating reliability in addition to huge performance levels. A multi-part aluminium heat sink with enlarged surface structure and an aluminium plate with hairline finish ensure optimum heat dissipation and stylish looks.

Performance? MOSFET!

Maximum efficiency and brute power performance are combined in the MOSFET transistors, which are used in all the amplifiers of the Edition S range from Mac Audio and ensure maximum performance and power combined with the selected internal electronic components. In addition to the sheer power and absolute stability at 2 ohms, this also includes a low distortion factor of less than 0.08% and a signal-to-noise ratio of over 100 dB. A frequency range of 5 Hz to 50 kHz can be covered without any difficulty.

Big selection – high flexibility

The Edition S range also stands for maximum flexibility. Not only is there a choice between mono, 2-channel and 4-channel versions and their limited editions for even more power, the devices themselves also offer many varied options and possibilities. These include the channel-mode switch 4/3/2 on the Edition S Four and Edition S Four Limited, mono/stereo switch on the Two/Two Limited and bridge/tri-mode operation for all amplifiers apart from the Edition S Mono, which has a separate remote control for volume adjustment instead. They all have low-level outputs and a full-feature crossover in common: The entire product range offers a variable 40-300 Hz low-pass filter and a variable bass booster from 0 -12 dB at 45 Hz. The Edition S Mono also has a 10 – 40 Hz subsonic filter, while the Two, Two Limited, Four and Four Limited are fitted with a variable high-pass filter of 40 - 300 Hz.

Perfect temperature management & stylish design

The Edition S range is fitted with a classy aluminium plate with hairline finish, with the superimposed Mac Audio Edition S logo ensuring a stylish look in any setup environment. The multi-part aluminium heat sink, which is also part of the enclosure of the Edition S amplifier, provides for optimum heat dissipation with a thickness of 5.5 g per mm and enlarged surface structure. The final safeguard against any heat damage is provided by a special protective circuit, which also offers protection against short circuits and DC offset.

Edition S Two

Two-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

Compact shape, impressive performance: Thanks to stable operation at 2 ohms and the efficient MOSFET power supply, the Edition S Two delivers a maximum power output of 250 watts per channel. Optimum heat management is ensured by a stylish aluminium heat sink with enlarged surface structure.

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Edition S Four

Four-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

The 4-channel Edition S Four amplifier delivers a maximum power output of 250 watts on four channels and has been cleared for stable operation at 2 ohms. High-quality potentiometers with metal axes, selected internal electronics and the MOSFET power supply guarantee top performance.

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Edition S Four LTD.

Four-channel amplifier, stable at two ohms

Up to 300 watts maximum power output on each of 4 channels is possible with the Edition S Four Limited. The stable operation at 2 ohms is achieved by the efficient internal electronics and the reliable MOSFET power supply. Stylish looks and perfect heat dissipation are guaranteed by the aluminium heat sink with a hairline finish.

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