„THE NEW LOUD“ from Mac Audio in the Golf 7 GTI turns the world of Tuning- and Audio-Fans upside down!

The new Golf GTI 7 Performance – converted and optimized by Mac Audio – leverages 300 PS onto the road. It also produces a full 3.500 watt music power out of the Mac Audio high standard components. Three powerful high performance amplifiers ignite ten speakers. The result is a brutal power-sound with maximum bass-reserves and pure dynamic.

For over 35 years, the shop of the Mac Audio experts, outside the city gates of Cologne, are one of the top addresses in the car hi-fi scene. Again this year, they demonstrate their technical knowledge and decade long experience impressively. Amplifiers at the maximum output, high load capacity speaker systems and sub-woofers with a depth definition like the Mariana Trench are just a fraction of their manifold portfolios - which includes high end and exclusive accessories as well.

The components create a tonal masterpiece inside the Golf 7 GTI Performance and mark the current top rankings in the field of Car Audio! The base are three amplifiers of the reliable Titanium series. In order to transmit the sound to the front- and rear end system, two identical Titanium Pro 2.0 Amps have been used. Beside their enormous power development they strike up very precise and with high speed. The third one is a very stable – running at 1 Ohm - digital sub-woofer amplifier Titanium Pro 1.0 which stays absolutely sovereign even during large voltage peaks.

In order to convert the high electrical currents into moving air only high quality components will be used. The foundation are passive sub-woofers with a generously dimensioned 300 mm membrane: two Mac Audio Pro Charger 130! Anyway, the highlight is the Two-Ways Compo-Systems  „Überkraft 2.16“ ( Überkraft stands for excessive mighty power) - the name of the exceptional new speakers reflects the extreme high endurance and maximum acoustic pressure for the absolute „Über-Sound“ (stands for sound over the top). When the volume reaches club level, it remains entirely authentic and natural. Starting in July 2017, the „Überkraft 2.16“ is available at retailers.

Because of the visually striking Mac Audio vinyl wrapping, the vehicle can not be ignored in public traffic or at events. Part of the eye feast are the 19” Oxigin 21 Oxlow rims in titan brush with Yokohama ADVAN FLEVA wheels. In addition to the concentrated sound performance, Mac Audio also provides the enormous power for the road! Instead of original 230 PS and 350 Nm the specialists at Wimmer Rennsporttechnik equipped the Golf with 300 PS and 450 Nm by adjusting the motor electronic, optimizing the intake channels and installing a handcrafted stainless steel exhaust system. The Yokohama ADVAN FLEVA wheels and a KW coilover suspension system level 1 assure that the muscular output is converted into thrust immediately. The experts from „Vetys“ in Cologne are responsible for the perfect setup of the chassis.

That fits! It rocks! And it's damn loud!