Ice Cube 110 A

The Ice Cube 110 A is equipped with a 25 cm chassis, a full-feature crossover and the powerful amplifier module from the 112 A, which delivers a maximum output of 400 watts. The subwoofer chassis with its sturdy steel basket is accommodated in a cube-shaped MDF bandpass housing, which features a large Plexiglas window that offers a glimpse of the white anti-resonance high-gloss finish of the subwoofer and the white LED illumination. The cover with neoprene insert and stylish embossed HD logo prevents the unit from slipping in the car and offers a chic visual appearance.
  • Features

    Active bandpass subwoofer with huge plexiglas window in cube design

    White LED illumination

    Active amplifier module with high/low level input and full feature XO

    Anti skid carpet with neoprene inlay and HD* logo print

    Loudspeaker fixed with metrical screws


    10“ powered bandpass subwoofer


    Polypropylen cone

    Subwoofer with solid steel basket, anti-resonance high gloss
    lacquering, 2” 4-layer voice-coil with additional ventilation,
    30oz (108)/40oz high power magnet with protection ring


    Active amplifier module with high/low level input, full feature XO


    Anti skid carpet with neoprene inlay and HD* logo print

    MDF cabinet

    Loudspeaker fastenings with metric screws

  • Principle

    8“ powered bandpass subwoofer unit

    RMS power output into 14.4V
    (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)

    400 Watts

    RMS power output into 1 ohm, 14.4V
    (DIN 45 324)

    150 Watt

    Frequency response

    22 – 150 Hz

    Input sensivity

    low level 100 mV Stereo

    low level 200 mV Mono

    high level 2.5 V

    Input impedance

    low level 10 kOhm

    high level 25 kOhm

    Fuse size

    25 A

    Supply voltage

    12 V