Ice Cube 108 SWB

Anyone that doesn´t want to sacrifice a single litre of their boot space, but who has plenty of confidence in their tyres, will find the Ice Cube 108 SWB an ideal solution. Because this bass reflex housing fits perfectly in the spare wheel well! A digital amplifier with a maximum output of 600 watts and a 20 cm low-impedance woofer with partial low-resonance PP cone have been integrated to ensure a powerful sound. A panel for adjusting the gain, a bass boost controller and the crossover is mounted on the top of the unit for convenient operation, while a remote control is supplied for adjusting the volume.
  • Features

    Bass reflex enclosure for spare wheel recess

    Mounting recess for original holder

    High efficiency digital amplifier with 600 watts max. power output

    Stereo RCA and high level input, compatible with all car receivers

    Automatic switch-on via DC / remote / audio signal

    Variable low pass filter 35 – 150 Hz (12dB/octave)

    Phase switch 0/180 degrees

    Top panel for gain / bass boost / crossover adjustment

    Remote volume control

  • RMS power output into 14.4V
    (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)

    600 Watts

    RMS power output into 1 ohm, 14.4V
    (DIN 45 324)

    200 Watts

    Frequency response

    25 – 150 Hz

    Input sensivity

    high level 250 mV Stereo

    low level 125 mV Stereo

    Input impedance

    10 kOhms

    Fuse size

    25 A

    Supply voltage

    12 V


    10 kg