APM Fire 20.3

A very well equipped, round triax system in the APM Fire series. A sturdy steel basket and additional voice coil ventilation mean this triax system is extremely resilient. A multi-pressed and coated paper cone with a lightweight foam surround ensures an excellent degree of efficiency and a clean reproduction, even when operated at extreme loads. The system´s suspension and magnetic field have been optimised using the Klippel measurement system. Both the tweeter and midrange driver of the APM Fire 20.3 are anodised.
  • Midrange

    Anodised midrange (69.3/20.3)


    3 Wege Triaxial-System


    Multi-layer coated cellulose cone

    Suspension and magnetic field optimised with KLIPPEL measurement system

    Solid protection cover with aluminium diamond cut logo

    Membrane capacity

    Woofer: coated cellulose

    Tweeter: anodized polycarbonate


    Anodised tweeter

    Incl. mounting accessories for the tweeter (2.16, 2.13)

  • Principle

    3 way triaxial system

    Power Handling

    70 / 280 watts

    Sound pressure level

    91 dB


    4 Ohms

    Frequency range

    38 - 20000 Hz

    Crossover frequencies

    2500 / 4500 Hz


    0.5” mm tweeter

    Woofer: 20 cm

    Outer diameter

    242 mm

    Cutting out

    178 mm

    Mounting depth

    76 mm

    Mounting hight

    28 mm