APM Fire 2.16

This is the top model of the two 2-way component systems in the APM Fire series. The APM Fire 2.16 system features a multi-pressed and coated paper cone, as well as a lightweight foam surround for maximum resilience. The sturdy steel basket with additional voice coil ventilation is responsible for the high degree of sovereignty at the upper limits of the sound transducer. The suspension and magnetic field have been optimised for high precision by using the Klippel measurement system. The anodised 13 mm tweeter is accommodated in a mounted housing.
  • Midrange

    Anodised midrange (69.3/20.3)


    2way compo system


    Multi-layer coated cellulose cone

    Suspension and magnetic field optimised with KLIPPEL measurement system

    Solid protection cover with aluminium diamond cut logo

    Membrane capacity

    Woofer: coated cellulose

    Tweeter: anodized polycarbonate


    Anodised tweeter

    Incl. mounting accessories for the tweeter (2.16, 2.13)

  • Principle

    2 way compo system

    Power Handling

    65 / 260 Watt

    Sound pressure level

    90 dB


    4 Ohms

    Frequency range

    45 - 20000 Hz

    Crossover frequencies

    4500 Hz


    0.5” mm tweeter

    Woofer: 6.5”

    Outer diameter

    Woofer: 179 mm

    Tweeter: 42 mm

    Cutting out

    144,5 mm

    Mounting depth

    58 mm

    Mounting hight

    Tweeter: 27 mm

    Woofer: 26 mm