Micro XL 1000

A copious amount of power is generated from the comparatively compact dimensions of the Micro XL 1000 digital subwoofer amplifier. Low-impedance electrolytic capacitors in the mains adapter ensure stable operation at an impedance of 1 ohm. The amplifier generates a brutal 3000 watts of maximum output power. Heat-related malfunctions are prevented thanks to a combination of a PCB, which is coated with copper on both sides, and a solid aluminium heatsink. A protective circuit is triggered in the event of an emergency to prevent short circuits, DC-offsets and overheating. Master/slave operation is possible and a remote control is provided for conveniently adjusting the volume.
  • Features

    High efficiency class D subwoofer amplifier

    Power indicator (green LED) and overload indicator (red LED)

    Encapsulated potentiometers with gold-plated metal shaft

    Encapsulated and gold-plated power and speaker connectors

    Massive aluminium heatsink (weight 7 g/mm)

    Noble hairline finish

    Protection grille in hexagon design with polished aluminium frame

    LED illuminated circuit board

    Master/Slave mode

    Low impedance capacitors for the power supply

    Full-Feature XO

    Variable low pass 40 – 150 Hz (12 dB per octave)

    Variable Subsonicfilter 10 - 50 Hz (12 dB per octave)

    Variable bass boost 0...12 dB at 45 Hz

  • Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)

    > 100 dB

    Max. power output into 2 ohms,
    14.4 V (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)

    2400 W

    Max. power output into 4 ohms,
    14.4 V (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)

    1200 W

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    347 x 49 x 210 mm

    Input sensivity

    0.2 – 6 V

    Frequency response

    10 – 150 Hz (-3 dB)


    4.2 kg


    < 0,08 % (100 Hz)

    RMS power output into 2 ohms, 14.4V
    (DIN 45 324)

    900 W

    RMS power output into 4 ohms, 14.4V
    (DIN 45 324)

    550 W