BT Style 2000 Stereo

Nowadays there’s no home without Bluetooth® speakers. However many people are disappointed by the one-dimensional and rather poor sound and do wish true, room-filling stereo sound instead. This is exactly what the new Mac Audio BT Style 2000 Stereo delivers and actually much more than that. The set consists of two Bluetooth speakers with "True Wireless Sound" technology. This means that both compact speakers can either be operated individually – with different music via Bluetooth, f.i. in different rooms – or together in stereo. In stereo mode you can position the speakers so that the DJ or singer comes from the middle, whereas the sound of the PA speakers or the band seems to come from the right or left. The sound quality is also top and granted by the built-in 50 mm full-range speakers, each supported by a 63 mm low-frequency radiator in the bass range. 20 watts ensure substantial power and good sound even at lower levels. You can either use the 3.5 mm input or stream the sound wirelessly via Bluetooth® from your smart phone or tablet; the built-in high performance battery provides up to 5 hours play time for portable use. The Mac Audio BT Style 2000 Stereo with TWS: Bluetooth sound in a new dimension!

Available from the beginning of November.
  • Principle

    Full range + double bass-radiator


    High-quality plastic enclosure with soft-touch coating

    Protection grille with design printing

    Wireless music reproduction via Bluetooth v4.2 from your smartphone or tablet

    USB charging cable, 3.5 mm stereo jack cable and lanyard included

    20 watts stereo Bluetooth speaker set including TWS technology

    Can also be used individually as single Bluetooth® speaker

    Wired music reproduction via 3.5mm AUX IN input from your MP3 player (single only, no TWS – True Wireless Stereo)

    Full-range speaker with bass-radiator for perfectly adjusted sound

    Powerful 10 watts amplifier (per speaker) for maximum volume

    Integrated high power battery for up to 5 hours play time


    1 x 2" bass-radiator


    Bluetooth v4.2

    3.5 mm Stereo AUX IN

    Charging input (Micro-USB, 5V, min. 500mA)

  • Connections

    3.5 mm Stereo AUX IN

    Bluetooth v4.2

    Charging input (Micro-USB, 5V, min. 500mA)

    Cabinet surface

    Plastic housing with rubber paint finish / fabric protection grille


    On/Off switch

    Total power-output

    3 W RMS / 10 W max. single only, no TWS (True Wireless Stereo)


    Full range + double bass-radiator