Micro Cube 108D

A huge amount of power under your seat! A 20 cm high-power woofer, an aluminum diaphragm that is free from partial oscillations and an enormously powerful amplifier are all combined to produce a powerful and voluminous bass range. Vibrations are also reduced to a minimum thanks to the low-resonance die-cast aluminum housing. Flexibility is ensured by the stereo RCA and high-level inputs, which are compatible with the RCA outputs and speaker outputs of all car radios. Added to this is a variable 50 - 150 Hz low-pass filter, as well as a variable 0 - 18 dB bass boost function at 50 Hz.

Available end of April 2017
  • Features

    Including mounting material

    Volume remote control

    Phase switch 0/180 degrees

    20 cm high-power woofer with low distortion aluminium cone

    Low-resonance aluminium die-cast enclosure

    Powerful 500 watts amplifier with digital switch-mode power supply

    Stereo RCA/high level inputs compatible with all car receivers, accepts line level (RCA) or speaker level outputs of the car receiver

    Automatic switch-on via DC/remote

    Variable low pass filter 50 – 150 Hz (12dB per octave)

    Variable bass boost 0 – 18 dB at 50 Hz

  • RMS power output into 14.4V
    (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)

    500 Watts

    RMS power output into 1 ohm, 14.4V
    (DIN 45 324)

    150 Watt

    Frequency response

    25 – 150 Hz

    Input sensivity

    low level 100 mV Stereo

    high level 450 mV – 10 V

    Input impedance

    low level 10 kOhm

    high level 200 Ohm

    Fuse size

    25 A

    Supply voltage

    12 V

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    246 x 77 x 290 mm


    5.4 kg