Micro Fit 4.0

With the Micro Fit 4.0, the name says it all: The high-power Class D amplifier with four channels is ultra-compact and can even be accommodated in the smallest of places in a car. Despite this, there is certainly no lack of performance, with the Micro Fit 4.0 delivering a maximum of 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Installation is very easy via Plug&Play, with a 100 cm ISO adapter cable provided as part of the package. The compact unit also looks good, with the designer aluminium heat sink embellished by an engraved Mac Audio logo and an exquisite hairline surface. The Micro Fit 4.0 is is equipped with an RCA output and remote signal for connecting a subwoofer amplifier. The range of features also includes a protective circuit against short-circuiting, DC offset and overheating, of course.

Available from september 2016
  • Features

    Power indicator (green LED) and overload indicator (red LED)

    Noble hairline finish

    Ultra compact high power Class D amplifier

    Easy plug & play installation

    100 cm ISO adaptor cable included

    Automatic turn on/off circuit via the audio signal

    RCA output and remote signal for connecting a subwoofer amplifier

    Design aluminium heatsink with engraved Mac Audio logo and model name

    Encapsulated potentiometers

  • Max. power output into 4 ohms,
    14.4 V (sine burst 2:8, 1 kHz)

    4 x 100 W

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    177 x 39 x 124 mm

    Input sensivity

    4.5 - 10 V


    < 0,05 % (1 kHz)