TT 100 BK E

High-quality vinyl playback combined with Bluetooth streaming and a stylish LED light show: The TT 100 BK E unites vintage hi-fi with modern demands and offers maximum flexibility. The music is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth output from the record to every compatible input source – stereo system, loudspeaker or headphone. A direct connection to devices without a phono input or Bluetooth is also easily possible thanks to the integrated phono pre-amplifier. It goes without saying that the volume is adjustable for both Bluetooth and the headphone output. The hi-fi virtues of the TT 100 BK E stand out with the anti-resonance silicone turntable top, including the quiet belt drive and decoupled DC motor, the elaborate pick-up arm with the soft lift function and the piezo crystal pick-up system with the replaceable needle. LEDs and ten different light-show settings are integrated to provide the right visual background.
  • Features

    Turntable with Bluetooth® and LED-Light Show

    Built-in phono pre-amp allows wired connection to any device without a turntable input

    Bluetooth® output for wireless streaming of vinyl music to any Bluetooth® compatible devices (stereo system, headphone, speaker)

    Headphone output 3.5 mm

    Volume control for Bluetooth® and headphone output

    10 various LED light show modes

    Anti-resonance silicone platter

    Tone arm with soft lift function

    Low noise belt drive with decoupled DC motor

    Piezoelectric ceramic cartridge with exchangeable stylus

    Speed control for 33 1/3 / 45 / 78 RPM

    Including 45 RPM adapter, RCA and 3.5 mm Aux cable

  • Speed

    33 1/3 / 45 / 78 RPM


    3.2 kg


    HS 1026 - Piezoelectric Ceramic Stereo Cartridge